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Cool Roof Solution

Efficient transportation and refrigeration present the greatest opportunity for cost and carbon emissions savings.

Double Green offers an innovative cool roof solution, certified by the Cool Roof Rating Council, which inhibits the transfer of heat and reduces energy consumption and costs. Unlike any other cool roof, our mineral-based coating absorbs moisture and maintains its whiteness for up to 6 years, extending the life of the roof and cooling equipment.


Solar Reflectance


Heat Transfer


Less Energy Used

Absorbs Ambient Moisture

Low Thermal Emittance

Extends Asset Life

Quick Return on Investment

Any structure exposed to sunlight will benefit from our cool roof coating. Due to climate and energy costs, temperature-controlled warehouses in the highlighted areas profit from the greatest energy cost reductions.

Our coating alleviates pressure on climate control mechanisms reducing greenhouse gas and costs related to air conditioning and refrigeration.

Across 32 case studies, our coating reduced the roof temperature to that of the ambient environment and significantly reduced costs.

For your Facilities

Our cool roof product has been applied to temperature controlled facilities for over 13 years. It can reduce the energy used for climate control systems by up to 20%.

For your Fleet

Applying our cool roof to refrigerated trailers can reduce fuel consumption by 20%, reduce engine workload by 30%, and extend the life of the asset.