Our Expertise

With over twenty years of experience serving global food and beverage brands, our team of efficiency analysts, engineers and communication experts are adept at collaborating across departments and businesses to solve complex supply chain challenges. Double Green’s extensive corporate social responsibility expertise ensures that we deliver transparently measured goals, clearly communicated to meet the interest of multiple stakeholders.

What We Do

  • Decrease your operations kWh consumption, focusing on your most significant environmental impact and costs with solutions with fast returns.
  • Evaluate renewable energy for your operations to reduce your energy costs and reliance on the grid and increase the value of your buildings with the correct solar installations.
  • Reduce your waste to landfills and the associated costs and emissions.
  • Plan your transition to a Zero Emission Fleet by evaluating the pending regulations and available equipment, infrastructure and incentives for your business.

Who We Are

Founded by Molly Reilly, Double Green supports companies striving to meet consumer demand for sustainable products and their supply chain partners under pressure from rising temperatures and energy costs.