Prepare for what’s ahead for your business, from the impact of volatile and extreme weather on your assets to the pressure from sustainability trends.

On April 19th from 2-3pm EST, our founder, Molly Reilly, will host an NBWA BREW webinar with the foremost transportation and infrastructure scientist (and our favorite), Dr. Mikhail (Mike) Chester, and the person tracking the economic, policy and tax factors impacting your business, Lester Jones.

Together, Molly, Mike, and Lester will share their knowledge to help you make the unpredictable predictable. The team will input DPR (Distributor Productivity Report) data into NBWA’s GHG calculator to quickly and efficiently guide you through quantifying your emissions. They will then walk you through how to use that information to reduce costs, attract and retain employees, increase your reputation, and mitigate risks.

Why take an hour out of your busy day to attend this webinar?

Pressure is growing for logistics providers to manage their environmental impact given the potential for cost savings, regulations (e.g., CARB), and corporate sustainability goals that include scope 3 targets.

• Suppliers and big retailers have committed to ambitious sustainability goals, with some using terms such as net-zero, many with 2025 scope 3 goals, and nearly all with 2030 deadlines requiring significant scope 3 emission reductions. Finding ways to measure their total emissions (GHG footprint) and reduce their impact throughout their supply chains is both complicated and expensive – we’ve simplified it for you and them.

• Volatile and extreme weather are impacting your energy bills, the life of your assets and your insurance rates. Extreme weather-related events are increasingly disrupting supply chains, energy and water resources, and profit margins. This will continue but it can be planned for.

• Meanwhile, more of the employees you aim to hire and retain are climate-conscious and expressing growing climate concerns.


During the webinar we’ll share tools for:

• Operations: Save money, become more efficient and reduce your environmental impact using NBWA’s calculator.

• Employees: Give your employees something more to be proud of and recognize the impact of your sustainable progress.

• Stakeholders: Advocate and reach out to retailers, suppliers, and policymakers about your sustainability efforts with confidence that you’re using science-based metrics.

• Forecasting for predictability: Prepare for what’s ahead in transportation and sustainability.

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