If you are reading this blog, you likely care about your business’s impact on the environment. We understand how difficult it can be to have clear, measurable benchmarks to understand your impact and what you might do to affect change. Distributors, suppliers, and retailers in the beverage industry vary, but one thing is certain: there is ALWAYS something you can do to become more sustainable. 

So, how sustainable is your company? With our greenhouse gas (GHG) calculator, we can help you identify your current environmental impact. If you do not have current data, you can input a prior year’s information to set a baseline for your sustainability targets. You can also check your sustainability progress or utilize it to evaluate the impact of a sustainability program, process, or solution you are considering. 

We can estimate your greenhouse gas emissions based on operation, distribution, employee commuting, waste, and recycling. 

Calculate your GHG here. 

What do we do with the results of your GHG calculation? 

First, Double Green will determine your current total environmental impact. Second, we will give you solutions to save you money. Third, we will lay out the order of operations with the greatest financial savings, all while reducing your environmental impact. Based on incentives, available infrastructure, technology, and the needs of your business, community, and suppliers, we provide a customized sequence of sustainable solutions for your business to implement.

Want to create sustainability goals for your company? Need help reaching those goals? Double Green is here for you. Call us at 307-855-1342.