Air conditioning and refrigeration systems (HVAC/R) are responsible for a significant proportion of a building’s energy consumption. It is the most expensive cost for the average beer distributor per square foot. 

A typical HVAC/R system accounts for 40% of a distribution facility’s energy consumption,  27% of which is from cooling. In comparison, lighting typically accounts for 25% of the facility’s energy consumption. 

Since nearly all HVAC/R systems are oversized to ensure that on the hottest day, at the hottest time, the building and cold boxes keep the product and environment at temperature, the redundant system(s) still run, consuming energy even though they are not providing cooling on the milder days. 

Many quick returns on investment (ROI) actions can reduce energy costs and GHG, such as updating insulation, installing ceiling fans and high-speed doors, and maintaining and treating HVAC units to restore efficiency and capacity. Contact Double Green for the custom solution and business case for your operation.