A great deal of energy and resources goes into growing the natural ingredients and brewing beer (or a burger, or a salad, or wine); refrigeration is necessary to ensure these perishable beverages (products) and the resources used to make them are not wasted.

To ensure it is not wasted, an ingredient must be picked at just the right time, then stored in just the right conditions (not baked in the sun while it’s picked) and in most cases refrigerated or kept temperature controlled.

Double Green saves their clients money while reducing their maintenance costs and extending the life of their equipment. We also help reduce emissions through energy efficiency improvements targeting HVAC and refrigeration. These include performance maintenance schedules, better insulation in the warehouse, and the big one – treating HVAC units with CryoGenX4.

According to the American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), HVAC/R equipment loses efficiency from oil-fouling: 7% efficiency is lost in the first year, 5% in the second and 2% in each subsequent year. This is because when oil gets past the piston or crankshaft, it adheres to the inner walls of the freon tubes and reduces the heat transfer, making the machine run longer to cool the facility.

The longer and harder the equipment runs, the more energy it consumes, resulting in a larger energy bill and a more significant environmental impact. Treating the equipment with an ECM (energy control measure), like CryoGenX4 to remove the oil fouling improves efficiency, reducing costs and the environmental impact.

18% was saved by deploying CryoGenX4 in all equipment throughout 22 Pacific Northwest, Southwest and South distributor facilities. Calculated through actual energy costs, temperature, and humidity year over year and confirmed through scientific studies. Even greater returns were delivered in the freezer operations of larger food distribution clients.

This one-time treatment removed the oil fouling and prevented it from ever adhering to the coils again, improving the HVAC/R’s efficiency and capacity while reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions every year for the equipment’s life.

If you are curious about HVAC treatment through CryoGenX4 for your business give Double Green a call at 307-855-1342.