Double Green is a one-stop-shop for sustainability solutions providing strategic guidance and communication on what makes the most sense for you and your business. 

Everything we do saves you money, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and is easily quantified and communicated to all of your stakeholders. 

Consumers, supply chain partners, employees, and regulatory bodies are increasingly calling on your business to reduce its adverse impact on the environment and communicate what you’ve done. 

Having worked for manufacturers and distributors, managing corporate affairs, authoring CSR reports and lobbying for their interests, we have the answers. Having done extensive research, we have a series of solutions that, when deployed systematically, will deliver the most significant returns for your company and the environment. 

  • Energy Saving Products (LED and refrigeration solutions)
  • Solar Engineering Procurement and Construction (Solar feasibility per facility with ROI including utility, state, and federal incentives, we rank multiple property deployments with your future operational needs and provide climate adaptability and greenfield development advice.) 
  • Zero-Emission Fleet Transition (Future-proofing fleets with available equipment infrastructure and pending regulations and costs)
  • Sustainable Consulting & Certification (LCA, GHG verifications)

Strategic Sustainable Consulting and Communications

Double Green provides sustainable consulting, offering 3rd party GHG verification and ISO 140064 with sustainability projects ranging from inventorying current sustainable activities to developing comprehensive Impact Reports and brand Lifecycle Analysis. In addition, we assist our clients with completing supplier sustainability surveys and registering as B corporations. 

  • GHG calculation, scope 1,2,3 verifications, ISO 140064
  • Lifecycle Analysis for a brand, business or facility 
  • In-house sustainable strategy with key performance indicators 
  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and assistance in writing the ESG portions of annual reports and other Public and Government Affairs support  

Who is Double Green? 

Double Green is a network of sustainable specialists connected through a lean internal team collaborating with like-minded scientists and engineers to meet our client’s goals efficiently. With decades of industry experience, Double Green looks at every sustainable initiative through a lens of its impact on suppliers, distributors, retailers, government, media, investors, and community relations. We ensure our customers’ sustainability plans support their business objectives. We are honored to work with some of the brightest scientists, innovators, and universities committed to protecting our planet.

We uniquely understand your challenges and opportunities and have sought out future-proof solutions with the most outstanding returns. 

Want to save your business money while reducing your environmental impact? Double Green is here to help. Give us a call at 307-855-1342.