Investing in sustainability doesn’t need to be a gamble or have an extended ROI. Double Green uses sustainability to deliver stable, predictable future energy costs for our clients during unpredictable times. For example, Double Green removes the complexity from investing in zero-emission vehicles. We help our clients know when to invest in electric vehicles by evaluating when the equipment infrastructure lines up.

Some businesses want to be first in line when a new opportunity arises; an opportunity like the Tesla Semi class 8 electric semi-truck. However, none have been delivered yet, besides a few limited edition models. This means that a $5000 investment in 2017 has seen no ROI by 2023.

To help you avoid this situation, Double Green takes all of the following into account:

  • Market trends: Which manufacturers have equipment now and which have announced plans at what specs. 
  • Incentives: Tax incentives and rebates for purchasing electric vehicles, which can make them more affordable and increase demand. 
  • Technology advancements: The technology behind electric vehicles and other ZEV is evolving rapidly. What if you invest in something today, and something better comes out tomorrow? We’re here to help and to show you what you need. It is often better to wait for new advancements that are more efficient, affordable, and practical for your business. 

Double Green keeps up with the latest advancements in ZEV technology, incentives, and regulations, and pairs that with your operations to help you make an informed investment decision.

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